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The Aesthetic Center of Gainesville is proud to offer an alternative wrinkle relaxer treatment to BOTOX®, known as Xeomin®. As skin ages, it loses its natural elasticity. This can cause facial lines, some sagging, and wrinkles. Sometimes, these wrinkles are caused by facial movements, such as when you lift your eyebrows. Xeomin® is a prescription that is administered to the facial muscles to diminish the look and appearance of frown lines and wrinkles, as well as Crow's feet around the eyes. This product is safe and effective to use and is made from botulinum type A, which blocks nerve activity causing a temporary reduction in muscle activity. This allows the skin's surface to soften and look smoother and younger. Our Gainesville, GA plastic surgery practice is proud to offer numerous nonsurgical alternatives to help turn back the hands of time.

What to Expect

Xeomin® is usually a 10 to 20 minute procedure. The board-certified plastic surgeon or physician assistant will inject Xeomin® directly into the patient’s facial muscles. Injections may be administered to more than one area at a time, depending on the condition being treated. Patients may be asked to use eye drops, special contact lenses or other devices to protect their eyes during the procedure. No anesthesia is required, but the doctor can use a topical anesthesia or cold pack to prevent or reduce any patient discomfort. 

After the Procedure

Patients may not begin to see results or improvements until 7 days after receiving Xeomin® injections. Some patients may experience side effects including neck pain, dry eyes, headache, eyelid swelling or bruising, and pain or redness at the injection site. Results typically last 3 months. Patients should not receive Xeomin® injections within 3 months of the last Xeomin® treatment. 

Xeomin® FAQs

Xeomin® or BOTOX®?

Xeomin® is different from BOTOX® because it does not contain any additives, which lessens the chances of patients building antibodies against the medication. Patients should not use Xeomin® with other botulinum products. During a consultation, our medical professionals can determine the best botulinum product for each patient.

FDA Approved?

Yes, Xeomin® is an FDA-approved product. Based on two US clinical trials, Xeomin® is a safe and effective treatment for adults with cervical dystonia, blepharospasm, facial lines, wrinkles and folds. The US is the 20th country to approve the prescription medication.

Medications and Xeomin®?

Medications, such as cold and allergy medication, muscle relaxers, sleeping aids and urinary medications can increase the chance of side effects with Xeomin®.  Patients should notify us if they are currently using any blood thinners or antibiotics.

Missed a Treatment?

Patients should not worry if they missed a Xeomin® treatment. Xeomin® injections have a temporary effect, and are given months apart. Missing a dose is not harmful to patients.

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