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Reviews for BOTOX® Procedures Near Gainesville, GA

You’re looking for a qualified board-certified plastic surgeon to handle your procedure and don’t know where to look, what do you do? Your best choice is to discover the epitome of surgical excellence, which is the Aesthetic Center of Gainesville. After reading the flattering patient reviews, you’ll have no doubt left that this is the practice for you. With a location in Gainesville, Drs. Walton, Abell, Campbell, and Davoodi are serving patients all over north Georgia and southern North Carolina with gorgeous plastic and reconstructive surgery results. Don’t just take our word for it—read through the real-life patient feedback to get a sense of why we are one of the top plastic surgeon groups in Georgia.

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Review from Anonymous  |  Source: Vitals  |  Apr 04, 2017

Migraine Surgery - I spent three years, seven months and about 13 days with a constant, relentless, God take my soul kind of migraine pain. As if my head would explode and I had a vise around my head at all times. I have slept with ice packs on my head for years, temple areas and back of my head. I saw several neurologists, had MRI's, MRA's, CT's, spinal tap, medication after medication, hormones checked, changed my eating habits, saw every type of specialist under the sun, and nothing was working for the daily severe pain. Trigger point injections from my neurologist were very helpful at the back of my head and I felt like me again for about a week. It was not lasting. Hopelessness and anguish set in after being so tired with years of pain and little result. I lost 46 pounds in a year due to pain, 100 pounds now. I was told by a specialist it looks like it's time for me to get on disability. I lost it. I want to live! I want my life back!!! I love my job! My family! We need my income. I have nephews and nieces I want to see grow up…parents I am so blessed to have. I have missed so much of living over the past few years. I have been home-bound. I have a home based job working with individuals with disabilities in Quality Assurance, 20 years in the field. I am not ready to leave yet. I love social work. It is what I was born to do. It is one of the reasons for my very existence. What do I do now God? I started researching Occipital Neuralgia, my official diagnosis and found migraine surgery online. I’ll do anything to get my life back and be out of pain! I found several surgeons in different states who do migraine surgery and it looked promising. I did my homework. I believe in God and prayer. Dr. Davoodi's name came up several times. I was impressed with his Bio. He is in Georgia and close to where I live. Called the office, got in quickly and started six months of Botox rounds and migraine logs. This was not easy. Botox would wear off in about a month. Dr. Davoodi never gave up on me. He answered all my questions. He gave me hope. Abby and Melissa were the nurses I saw for months and I love them both. They greet you with a smile and with such empathy. The entire office staff is first class! I had migraine surgery in January of 2017 at Northeast GA Medical Center with Dr. Davoodi. I was so excited! Bilateral Occipital and bilateral temples. I am healing and recovering daily. I have had no migraine in the back of my head since I woke up from surgery. Migraine pain is gone. Just dealing with numbness and a bit uncomfortable. It gets better day by day. I'll take it! Temples are still sore from surgery, of which I have been told is normal. Just takes time and everyone heals a little different. I wake up when the sun comes up. This is wonderful! I sleep now. I don’t wake up every morning at that 3-4 am hour when my ice packs have melted. I would wake up with starlight and not sunlight for years. A quick note: The hospital was excited that I was a "Davoodi patient" when I went in for Pre-op. The hospital stated the office staff for the surgeons is always prepared for surgery. Paperwork is ready. I love Dr. Davoodi and his nurses and would highly recommend a visit with him if you or someone you know is suffering from migraines. Dr. Davoodi is so easy to talk with and listens and is very compassionate. I am getting my life back! When Dr. Davoodi helps me, he touches the lives of all those I support in my field of social services. I am grateful. Please, please, do spend some time with him and see if you or a friend or loved one is a candidate for the surgery. More

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